torsdag 28 januari 2010

Tankar från Susan Jeffers

Jag brukar få ett Nyhetsbrev från Susan Jeffers då och då... idag tycker jag det var så mycket fint och tänkvärt som handlade om kärlek... kanske kan du med hämta inspiration från det...

A Higher Love is about inspiration. Relative to loving another, inspiration could mean a number of different things to different people. To me, it means the following...

It means that, as guardian over another person's feelings, we lift his/her spirits up when his/her own belief in himself/herself falters.
It means, when our loved one doubts his/her beauty, we remind him/her how beautiful he/she is.
It means we encourage him/her to stretch and grow even if we fear he/she will "grow" away from us.
It means we stretch and grow ourselves in order that we become a support instead of a burden.
It means we applaud when he/she is succeeding. We don't begrudge him/her success...despite how unsuccessful we may be feeling at the moment.
It means we applaud when he/she isn't succeeding...and we let him/her know that "It's all happening perfectly".
It means "I depend on you sometimes and you depend on me sometimes." Our support is reciprocal.
It means we don't buy into dependency, but encourage him/her to stand on his/her own two we learn to stand on our own two feet.
It means, as we cease being the victim in our own lives, we encourage him/her to cease being a victim in his/hers as well.
It means that first and foremost we are his/her friend...and we treat him/her accordingly.
It means we don't seek happiness from him/her, but for him/her. Our own happiness comes from within ourselves.
It means we protect the wounded child within him/her instead of making it bleed more than it is already bleeding.

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